MACHINERY.22 MNS1237-940G Bench Lathe


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MNS1237-940G Bench Lathe, £2150 +VAT
comparable to WARCO BH900G

Swing over bed                     305mm
Swing over gap                     440mm
Swing over saddle                173mm
Distance between centres   940mm
Length of bed         1473mm
Width of bed           182mm
Hole through spindle            36mm
Tailstock barrel travel          95mm
Cross slide travel                  150mm
Tool slide travel                     85mm
Sadle travel                            810mm
Taper of spindle hole           5MT
Taper of centre                     3MT
Range of spindle speed      12 changes 50-1200rpm
Diameter of lead screw       22mm
Diameter of feed rod           19mm
Tread of lead screw             3mm
Tread can be cut                   Metric 24 kinds 0.25-7.5mm
                                                 Imperial 40 kinds 4-112TPI
Motor power                          1.1Kw
Net weight with stand          385kg